Slimtarra (per 10 sheets)


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Slimtarra is the name of Extrapool's ongoing stencilprinted wallpaper art project. Over the years many different artists have participated and made each their own Slimtarra wallpaper design. All Slimtarra's are once exhibited on the walls of Extrapool, layer after layer. Each design fits within the A3 format, and is stencilprinted (riso and/or ricoh) by Knust, with different colors per design. When the sheets are wallpapered along side each sheet, a unique pattern appears.

Here is a selection of one of the most recent Slimtarra's, that you can order (10 sheets per m2);
photo 1: Alice Schiavone - (yellow, bright red, aqua, seafoam)
photo 2: Sophia Wester - (moss green & fluor red)
photo 3: Andet van der Leest - (yellow, bright red, cornflower, black)
photo 4: Sophie Vermeulen Shrimps and Apples - (yellow, fluor pink, blue, black)
photo 5: Claudia Doms - (light blue & federal blue)

For applying:
- Glue is not included, you can use normal wallpaper glue to apply on the sheets as well on the wall, with a big wide soft brush.
- All sheets are stencilprinted, the ink is a wet ink that may still give off a little.
- There might be slight irregularities in matching the pattern due to paper stretching on one side; when the paper gets wet from the glue. You can resolve this be overlaying the sheets slightly.

If you are interested in ordering more than 5 m2 of Slimtarra, please contact us.
Here you can have a look at all the other Slimtarra's in our Slimtarra Catalogue;

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